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My car was the first one ordered at my dealer. They tell me it will be delivered April 10 or there about. Porsche has publicized that they will deliver in January. Something sounds wrong but I guess it is what it is. Anyone have earlier delivery information?
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I have the first Taycan 4S ordered in Las Vegas and they quoted the same delivery date for me as well. Not sure if the january quotes were for the Turbo or not but Im counting the days!!
Mine is a turbo, I think they are delayed. Disappointing it takes till April. They said they would build Turbo first, based on your date appears that is not true.
Probably many more 4S orders considering the price so they seem to have switched around the production run........ yes it’s disappointing. I was supposed to have a late Jan early feb delivery of my turbo s in Switzerland and now I don’t even have an estimated date at all but what I understand quite a few 4S are being delivered in early feb in Europe........
I thought they were delivering the cars in Europe?? Sounds like this production problem is affecting all regions.
They've repeatedly said they'll have deliveries in the US in December. Maybe the only folks getting one in December are folks like Jay Leno.
I have a feeling that only a small amount of Taycans will actually be delivered in December. Maybe celebrities as @St00k said, so Porsche can technically say that it started this month.
I'm not sure if this is the first Taycan delivery in the States or not, but someone in the Taycan Facebook group is claiming that his friend in Boston received the first one.

Porsche Taycan Delivery

Porsche Taycan Delivery
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