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Recently I’ve made a custom fit, custom colour, custom material, custom shape dogs mat for my Taycan. I was looking for a long time something just “off the shelf”, but didn’t find anything with the appropriate quality and usability. Finally, I found a small manufacturer, which made a custom one – just as I wanted. I really recommend them, so if You wanted to order for yourself – details below. They’re able to do whatever You want for whichever Porsche (or probably any other make) as they are able to go to the dealer shop and take all the measures.

Details of the mat (of course, if You wanted one – You can choose whatever You want):
  • Custom colour chosen to be similar as the colour of the interior (they took the material samples to Porsche and chose the proper one along with Porsche samples).
  • Custom material – I wanted it to be quilted and easy to maintain / clean. Actually, the photos show the mat after 1 month of using it and 4 cleanings after some rougher dirt – looks still like new.
  • Custom size – they went to Porsche and took all the measures. I know they can do it for whatever model You want.
  • Custom shape – All the mats I used either were too large (e.g. covering the passenger seats, which I don’t need having medium size dogs) or didn’t cover enough (e.g. sides of the seats, which my dogs scratched in other car as they were not covered…).
  • The mat has 5 holding / tightening points – so the mat doesn’t move exactly in the proper points for Taycan (3x to Isofixes, 2x to headrests).
  • The mat has the back from special material, so that it doesn’t move much and doesn’t scratch the seats.
  • The mat has 3 holes for the safety belts – zipped.

To sum up – I wrote this post as they charge reasonable amount of money (between 100-200 EUR), the cooperation was a great pleasure and I’m finally (after 5 different mats) super happy having the mat I wanted.
Price: expect something between 100-200 EUR + shipping
Contact: [email protected], tel. +48503050215
Shipping: EU + UK for sure, the rest of the world – probably as well, just the shipping costs higher.


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