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Charging the Porsche Taycan with the Electrify America app

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Driven Car Reviews shared a good video of what it's like charging the Taycan. They do a great job showing how the Electrify America app works.

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Fine but....did not show use of the 'Charging America' app......and whether Porsche Connect and E. America recognize you. Kinda important.
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That's excellent. But what I see here is the same charge rate I get in my Model 3. I hope more companies will follow Porsche and Tesla.
The EA app is okay but it much nicer when you activate the plug and charge feature on the Taycan computer which eliminates the need for the app.
Has another incident free visit to EA. Pulled up plugged in and charging began.
Tried my first 350kw charger today and everything worked perfectly with the plug and charge feature. This station is 6 miles from my apartment and I don't think the time saving is worth the additional 5 mile drive from the 150kw station that I normally use. On a positive note my ranged increased form 252 to 260 since the last charge under similar driving conditions.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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