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For my edification, if the charging station has a CCS or J 1772 combo level 3, it's okay to charge the Taycan? It seems like just the bottom two point on the adaptor are what is required for DC. . The reason for my need for confirmation is because the charge station is halfway to my destination and there are no other charge stations around.

Chuck J

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Not sure if this is helpful:

From the owners manual:
Further information about the charger and about
the web application is available under "E-Performance"
at the following web address: https://
e Only use vehicle charging cables that have been
tested and approved for charging the high-voltage
battery in an electric vehicle (charging plug
standardized in accordance with IEC 62196-2,
SAE J1772 or GB/T 20234-2 and charging
process in accordance with IEC 61851-1,
SAE J1772 or GB/T 18487 (modes 2 and 3)),
and comply with national standards and
Vehicle charging cables without protection
(standardized in accordance with IEC 61851-1,
SAE J1772 or GB/T 18487 (mode 1)) are not

Right charging socket Charging socket for AC and DC (CCS2)
Left charging socket Vehicle plug for AC (Mode 2)
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