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Cars.com lists over 100 Porsche Taycan's in Dealer Inventory

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Right now, Cars.com lists 118 Taycan's with many showing actual stock images and as of December 2019, its been confirmed (by Porsche) that 130 Taycan's have been delivered to the U.S. For anyone interested in tracking the amount of Taycan's moved, these numbers begin to provide some interesting insight.

What I'd really want to know is how many are in the hands of actual owners. From the numbers here it seems to be 12.

When I checked yesterday it was at 124!

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I expect these to go fast but didn't realize so many would be sitting around like this.
I'm sure it's a case of dealers holding inventory to sell more cars long term. People want to check this car out. They don't just want to order one and take delivery. They're seriously investigating Porsche's EV capability and... I think most folks are coming out of the experience very surprised.
Most of these are the demos the dealers are not allowed to sell.
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