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BREAKING: Porsche Taycan Interior First Look

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We've seen a lot of Taycan images over the past few weeks but here's something very new!

At long last we have our first look at the interior of the Taycan. And, much like with the exterior of the car it appears to live up to the wild design of the concept.

Looking at this lone interior photo next to the concept of the Mission E it's easy to see just how faithful Porsche was. While the photo quality is low, it looks like there's room for one or possibly two screens across the passenger side of the dash, as well as a large opening in the center console for yet another screen.

Look for the Porsche Taycan to make its production debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, with deliveries as early as Q4 of this year.

For those who haven't seen what the production car could look like, these renderings give a very clear idea.

If you signed up for the Porsche Taycan deposit program be sure to put your name here and say hi.

Full details on the latest Porsche Taycan specs.

Click here for info on Porsche's charging network.
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Very cool. I think things will get more and more exciting as information continues to dribble out.
Very cool. I think things will get more and more exciting as information continues to dribble out.
Agreed. Part of me worries the range won't be as impressive as we hope (considering the e-tron).But the other part of me thinks it doesn't matter. With a super fast recharge, it'll have all the range necessary and be spectacular to drive.
As long as performance is consistent (big problem with Tesla's) and there's an adequate volume of charging stations, I couldn't be bothered by the rest.
Love how the interior looks but its nothing new. Its similar to the Panamera in many ways minus the techy feel that every automaker puts into its EV's.

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And here is the original Mission E interior and the Taycan interior from spy photos and the 2020 Carrera.......Porsche will ALWAYS have continuity in design, never something totally out of context like Toyota/Lexus will do. A Porsche interior, not matter the model, will be recognizable Porsche exterior AND interior. Quite frankly, the Taycan in many ways has a better interior.......note the size of the screens...ie mapping/GPS screen!

(sorry I seem to have problem properly uploading photos today. they look like thumbnails you have to click on)


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