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The technical specifications and certifications of the my 2020 Taycan Turbo lists Bluetooth version 2.0.

This is kind of a surprise. I am not an expert but based on what I am reading Bluetooth 2 doesn't support the ability to use the 802.11 radio for high speed data transfer. I dont know if Apple wireless carPlay needs this or if it handles its own handshaking and switching.

Bluetooth High Speed was introduced in Bluetooth 3.0 and allows for much faster lower level data transfer rates. Bluetooth 4 includes Low Energy which doesnt really apply here. Its used for things like heart rate monitors that transfers frequently but but at very low data bitrates putting less power strain on the devices.

The reason I looked into this is that same Taycan user manual that lists Bluetooth 2.0 mentions connecting to Apple carPlay either using a lightning cable or a wireless connection. No other reference to the wireless connection is ever made again.

I saw the rumor that wireless carPlay is expected with an update so it will be interesting to see if Bluetooth 2.0 allows for that. Googling around I couldn't find anything about wireless carPlay requirements other than the fact that it handshakes over bluetooth and then switches to an 802.11 connection.
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