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Battery Life Span And Replacement Cost?

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I realize this is a unanswerable set of questions since EV technology is changing rapidly but am curious if anyone has knowledge on the subject. How long, by time or recharges, are these new battery packs supposed to last and how expensive will it be to have them replaced? Any takers??? ��
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For the Tesla batteries, here is the most comprehensive study I have seen

From Green Quora:
"The data appears to show that capacity remains between 90 and 95 percent, on average, even at 150,000 km (93,000 miles).
But, overall, the data offer some basis for confidence that a Tesla Model S will lose—on average—less than 15 percent of its battery capacity over the average 150,000-mile (250,000-km) life of a vehicle."

I STRONGLY suggest anyone that actually will own an electric vehicle read this article:
From the article:
"The red fitted line has a slope above 60.000 km (say 40,000 miles) of 1% per 50.000 km (30,000 miles). On average the batteries have 91% remaining at 270.000 km (170,000 miles). If the linear behavior would continue, then the ‘lifetime’ (still 80% capacity left) can be calculated as follows: 91-80 = 11% times 50.000 km = 550.000 km, plus 270.000 km, gives 820.000 km (510,000 miles)! "

I would expect the newer Tesla's and especially the Porsche batteries with a more sophisticated temperature management system, to last even longer. Temperature is the number 1 cause of degradation of batteries.


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Using Telsa as an example, for their Model 3 Elon Musk tweeted that replacing battery modules will cost between $5,000-$7,000. Which is a more affordable option rather than changing a whole battery pack each time.

But the Model 3 uses four battery modules so if all four need to be replaced it could cost between $20,000 and $28,000.

Take it with a grain of salt that the Tesla 3 is Tesla's least expensive vehicle and isn't in the same tier as the Model S and Porsche Taycan, but it can give you at least a starting point of how much replacing a battery could cost you.
He meant replacing all the modules will cost a total of 5 to 7k!
He meant replacing all the modules will cost a total of 5 to 7k!
Oh really? I didn't know that. I hope that's the case because if it costs 5-7 thousand to replace all the modules then that's a huge price difference.
I would be shocked if anyone here has an EV long enough to warrant a battery pack replacement because you wore it out. It simply doesn't happen, you guys are worrying about a non issue.
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I beg to differ, we keep our cars 10-15 years and have replaced batteries in our Prius at 100k miles.
Lucid is claiming a 500 mile range for their cars next year; Tesla is touting a 600 mile range for its upcoming Roadster. As batteries continue to improve, there will come a point where it makes economic sense to buy a new set of batteries not because the old ones have worn out, but because the new ones are so much more efficient.
Oh, and in addition to greater range which will only increase with each new generation of batteries, it is also highly probable that the cost of these new battery packs will continue to decrease, thereby making switch-outs that much more appealing.
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