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Hi Folks,

kinda went on a bender over the weekend doing a deep dive comparing the the pending etron GT vs Taycan over the weekend & came to the conclusion that the etron GT, for those of us the Taycan price range is out of one's league, its a valid option to consider as it will share the same J1 platform as the Taycan, in fact the etron GT is being co-developed between Audi and Porsche.

The Audi etron GT will offer the following:

0-60 mph ~ 3.5 seconds
eclipse 124 mph in just over 12 ticks.
A complex cooling method means its battery pack can handle repeated runs without compromising acceleration.
Estimated driving range of ~ 249 miles based on the European test cycle
800-volt charging system can refill 80 percent of the battery in about 20 minutes
The e-tron GT has a 114.0-inch wheelbase and is 195.6 inches long and 54.0 inches high
590 horsepower
Regenerative brakes slow the GT and recapture energy during mild braking up to 0.3 g
3 levels of regenerative coasting that can be controlled manually using paddles, or you can let the car control it automatically via a predictive efficiency-assist system, which attempts to guess your next move and plan for maximum regenerative effect. (same as Taycan)
four-wheel-steering system and torque-vectoring capability
350kW charging capability.

Audi e-tron GT concept design is said to translate 95% into the actual production vehicle minus/plus homologation stuff such as door handles. IMHO when it comes to design the Audi etron GT, if production design actually holds true to concept, just might outdo the Taycan design. Obviously driving characteristics will be completely different between both cars as it should be. So those who are priced out of the Taycan, the Audi etron GT is very attractive choice to consider. Any thoughts?

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It could be a very strong alternative depending on the price. I have no doubt it's going to be fast and great to drive, but I want to see how its pricing compares to the pricing of the lower trim Taycans.
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