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Aston Martin Rapid E

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Aside from the various electrics offered by Tesla, I feel like one of the main competitors for this premium EV will in fact be Aston Martins Rapid E. There haven't been a whole lot of details about it, but we do know that it will be using the exact same battery pack, which will give it around 600hp. According to AM, it will be able to do the 0-60 sprint in under 4 seconds and should have a drive range of around 200 miles.
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I've been unimpressed with Aston Martins vehicles as of late. They have basically outsourced all of the components for their new models and their interior design is years behind rivals.
Has Aston Martin indicated if the Rapid E will also be four door? That sketch makes it seem more like its going to be a fastback/coupe.
There is a clear indication if it having front and rear passenger areas. Compare it to a regular rapid if you need confirmation but there's just no way they'll make it a coupe and butcher the Rapide name. Haven't seen Aston ever do that and they don't have a reason to offer two body styles especially with the coupes they already sell.
Aston Martin has also stated they the plan on a very limited production run of the Rapid E (175), so I'm not sure if it can truly be a direct competitor. I'm guessing that a large majority of those units are already accounted for.
Not happy with those initial numbers but it will pave the way for a more mainstream product once they see some real interest in buyers. Car makers never know the real numbers till buyers are finally involved.
If anything this model proves that AM is looking to the future and realizes that the days of ICE's are numbered. Even if it can't compete with the Taycan in terms of volume, I'm sure down the line they will consider making more widely available models.
Even from a supplier level they are forced to accept the move to battery electric powertrains, slowly the infrastructure and support for ICE components are going away.
They've already announced they will be following what Jaguar has done with the E Type Zero and will be offering EV conversions of their classic models. With the popularity of restomods, this is a great way to grow their consumer base and gain credibility of their electric platforms.
the next challenge for them should be with keeping performance up, Mercedes can step into this game alone but have Brabus to take it a step further.
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