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Aftermarket Audio Upgrade

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I just acquired a lightly used 2022 Base Taycan in Dolomite Grey (which looks amazing, especially at dusk) and with all mod cons. Having previously driven a Tesla S, I know I am in good company here. I love my new car with one exception -- the Bose audio. I don't expect car audio to sound remotely like a high end audio system, but Bose car audio lives up to the Bose reputation. ("Got no highs, got no lows, must be Bose" is the familiar refrain, but it goes much deeper than this, pun intended.) It does sound better than the upgraded audio in the Tesla, but not by much.

I am afraid to let just anyone do an aftermarket upgrade due to the complex electronics and acoustical deadening of the speakers. Has anyone done a successful upgrade? Can anyone recommend someone in the north or northwest Chicago suburbs to do the job?
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