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I have had my RWD for 3 days and I couldn't be happier with it.
My Taycan specs are: performance battery, aluminum roof, rear steering wheels, air suspension, 19" wheel, plus other minors cosmetic and paint options. The goal for me was to get a grand tourer, I really was considering a GT and the Taycan showed up, after testing it, I decided for it, a GT and EV. I was also checking some EV options in the market for over 2 years.
If I could add some additional options now driving it over 3 days, I'd the Chronos package, I found myself changing mode constantly, especially between highway (Range) and city (Sport with Sport+ chassis and sometimes Normal) also, I'd love to have an "Individual" option. Also maybe the Vectoring system.
I am expecting to have some long trip with it and although I am still adapting to the seats, I would consider upgrading them.
One thing I missed during the ordering process, was adding lane change assistance, I assumed it came with the InnoDrive package, but it doesn't. It is a must, it has large blind spots.
I also would love the steering wheel to be a little thicker, I am not sure if there is an option for it, but just like my Miata ND2, the steering is good on the city or back roads, but on long trips a thicker wheel would be nicer and more comfortable.
I drove the 4S and Turbo models, and although no doubt they are fast, I found the RWD more engaging and responsive, also the feedback from the steering wheel is much better. The power is not at the AWD level, but it doesn't disappoint, actually feels sportier, where the AWDs feel more for racing.

I came to Fort Lauderdale, 220 miles trip from Orlando to test its range, I am expecting a trip to Ohio with it by the end of the month. I am pleased with the range and I think I could pull a little more. I managed to get 291 miles range with 100% battery, it did 0.28 kWh/mile on Range mode, low suspension and ACC with max speed set at 75 miles, although the real speed average was around 70 to 73mph.
One of the best features, especially as a tourer, is its ability for coasting, with the regen complexity off, it coast very well. I'll try driving with less assistance from the ACC on my way back. Coasting allowed me to bring the power consumption in some areas of the highway down to 0.265 kWh/miles. One thing even with the regen option off, it regens over 55 mph, minimum but it is noticeable, although not at the point to stop the car.
After 220 miles, I arrived at the Electrifying America at Broward blvd and I-4 with 27% battery and I was able to plug and charge up to 200kWh without any issue.

It has surprised me very much and the only thing I'd change, is making it a 2-door, although 4 are more practical, it would look nice with 2.



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Very nice review. Thanks for sharing. Love the color of your Taycan.
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