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2020 Taycan Interior Discussion Thread

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Finally, we're getting a first look at the Taycan's production interior, giving us the opportunity to see how close it comes to the concept and prototypes spotted over the past 6-12 months, also to what Porsche has been promising. Its revolutionary to me because there's a very clear trend of car makers giving vehicles developed as EV's priority with all the latest in design and technology. Porsche is no different. With taycan pre-orders going through over the last 6+ months i'm sure you guys have a lot to say about the interior/cabin so have at it...

Edit -- Apr 18, 2019: Cargo Space Analyzed

Revisiting this thread to highlight on cargo space where its given to us the most, on the Taycan Cross Turismo (or Wagon/Hatchback, if you want to call it that).

Some important points/observations to highlight on and discuss as we learn more, and ultimately get closer to seeing these in person first hand with pictures and video to follow:

  • cargo space on the production model is expected to be similar to the concept
  • cargo rails and straps to secure our loads are highly likely
  • taycan cross turismo load space (concept and test mules) looks more narrow than the Panamera
  • split-folding rear seats are unconfirmed, the Panamera has it but this Cross Turismo concept features captain chairs
  • coupe-styled roof line might mean cramped head and shoulder room for rear passengers
  • the large panoramic glass roof will create a bigger sense of space
  • all the negatives I listed probably won't matter due to this being the first all-electric wagon we can get our hands on!

If you're not interested in the Cross Turismo, the Taycan sedan seems similar to a BMW 6-Series gran coupe from my observations of spy shots like the one below. No one really complains about it, much like other coupe styled 4-doors you can get your hands on these days. My guess, Porsche learned a lot from it. That being, cargo needs are few for most owners these days.

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I think the interior finish is one area (aside from handling) that Porsche will really establish itself vs the competition.
The finish in Tesla's Model S really left me disappointed for a car of that price range, whereas my current Macan GTS interior feels like it's a premium product no matter what you touch.
Look forward to seeing it without all the camouflage but I like the digital display. Has there been mention of whether or not the Taycan will have different drive modes, because I don't see any switchgear on the steering wheel to toggle between them.
Look forward to seeing it without all the camouflage but I like the digital display. Has there been mention of whether or not the Taycan will have different drive modes, because I don't see any switchgear on the steering wheel to toggle between them.
Our guesstimates about what it could look like might come close especially with new Porsche's already taking after the Taycan concept.

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That landscape display was never going to survive the transition towards a production model but that screen in the center console could. Every EV comes with an assortment of drive modes so I think that's a given for the Taycan.
I have some hope in it happening given where the industry is going.

As more autonomous technology comes our way people will demand more things to do while the car is driving itself.
You can rest assured that Porsche will be one of the last automakers placing autonomous tech in their vehicles. Sure standard safety equipment will improve, but these are still driver focused cars.
Updated this thread today.

Scroll to the top for my cargo space observations of both the Taycan sedan and Taycan Cross Turismo.
Porsche released this picture of the Taycan's interior in a press release about availability of Apple Music streaming. As most of you should realize by now, the dashboard shares a lot with the new 992 911. The rest of it still influenced by the Mission E concept we all love.

Taycan Interior

992 911 Interior

Porsche Mission E Interior
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Here's a video from a Porsche dealer that covers some of the key interior features of the Taycan. I really like how they went through how to customize the digital instrument cluster.

So everyone's up to speed on what areas of their Taycan's interior to focus on first, see the following.

The interior design: Digital, simple, sustainable
The original 911's cleanly styled dashboard from 1963 was the inspiration. The stated goal was to bring it into the present day. The cockpit signals the start of a new era with its clear structure and a completely new construction.

It is clearly driver-focused. The instrument panel has a clean, minimalist and ultra-modern design, and operating the controls is quick and free from distractions. The free-standing, curved instrument cluster forms the highest point on the dashboard. It is clearly focused towards the driver and ensures that everything that is needed for driving is in view.

The innovative instrument cluster consists of a curved 16.8-inch screen with the rounded look that is typical of Porsche. A cowl has been comitted, which ensures a slim and modern appearance in the style of high-quality smartphones and tablets. Drivers can choose between four display modes for the instrument cluster:
  • The mode Power meter evokes the rounded instruments typical of Porsche. This display delivers information that is clearly arranged information, allowing for fast readability. A power meter replaces the rev counter in the middle instrument.
  • The Map mode replaces the central power meter with a map layout.
  • The Full Map mode intentionally omits the round instruments. In favour of a navigation map displayed across the full display.
  • The view “reduced” is limited to the essential driving information such as speed, road signs and navigation instructions using a minimised arrow.
There are also small, touch-control fields at the edges of the screen for operating the light and chassis functions. The instrument cluster is therefore wider than the steering wheel and reminiscent of the original 911.
Taycan, interior, 2019, Porsche AG
The steering wheel has a light appearance and is available in two models: in addition to the basic version, which can be customised with coloured inserts as part of the accent package, Porsche also offers a GT sports steering wheel option. It has a distinctive design with visible screw heads and features a typical Porsche round mode switch which can be used to select the various driving modes.

The wing-shaped upper and lower sections of the dashboard stretch across the entire width of the car. A central 10.9-inch infotainment display and an optional passenger display are combined to form an integrated glass band in a black-panel look, thereby blending in visually with the interior.

All user interfaces have been completely redesigned

The number of classic hardware controls such as switches and buttons has been greatly reduced. Instead, control is intelligent and intuitive – using touch operation or the voice control function, which responds to the command “Hey Porsche”.

All vehicle configurations for the Taycan, such as Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM), can easily be set up on the central screen via direct access. The driver can quickly access all apps via a clearly structured and customisable home screen. Apps include navigation, telephone, media, comfort and Porsche Connect. With optimised voice control, drivers can access the required function even faster. For the first time, front passengers in the Taycan have the option of their own touch display, allowing them to easily alter settings without distracting the driver.
Taycan, interior, 2019, Porsche AG
The elevated centre console intensifies the feeling of a low seating position, as you would expect from a Porsche. It features a large 8.4-inch touch panel with haptic feedback. This allows the air-conditioning settings to be altered directly. Integrated handwriting recognition also allows quick address inputs.

Every detail has been reduced to the essentials. Like the Porsche 918 Spyder, the Taycan has a compact direction selector switch in the instrument panel instead of the classic selector lever. This gives the centre console a tidy look and creates storage space. A reduction to the essentials and a clear approach are also evident for the air vents. They have been fully modernised and can be operated intuitively. Traditional, mechanically operated louvres belong in the past, as airflows are now controlled both digitally and fully automatically (Virtual Airflow Control). By clicking the Climate menu, it is possible to switch between “Focused” for fast, directional cooling and “Diffused” for draught-free air conditioning. If the optional four-zone automatic climate control system (Advanced Climate Control) has been ordered, an additional 5.9-inch touch control panel with haptic feedback allows the system to be operated from the rear seats.

A wide range of customisation options and innovative material concepts

The Taycan’s colour and material design allows for individualised equipment, from traditional through to sustainable and modern. There is also the option of classic leather as well as the sustainably tanned Club Leather OLEA, which uses olive leaves in the tanning process. The natural quality of the leather is accentuated by a special cloud print. A new feature is the fully leather-free interior with state-of-the-art surface textures Race-Tex material is used. A high-quality microfibre material partially consisting of recycled polyester fibres. Its production has 80 per cent less CO2 than traditional materials. The floor covering uses the recycled fibre Econyl®, which is made in an innovative production process from items including recycled fishing nets.

The Taycan is available with a wide range of interior and exterior configurations, in both traditional and modern styles. Interior accents and trims underline the attention to detail, while meeting the highest quality standards typical of Porsche in terms of material characteristics and workmanship. Interior colours Black-Lime Beige, Blackberry, Atacama Beige and Meranti Brown are exclusively available for the Taycan. The optional interior accent package also gives customers a choice of special contrasting colour schemes Customers can choose from Black Matt, Dark Silver or Neodyme, an elegant champagne tone. The doors and centre consoles have trim made of wood, matt carbon, embossed aluminium or fabric.

In addition to the host of innovations, there is another detail that no Porsche should be without. As with the ignition lock on conventional Porsche models, the power button is located on the left behind the steering wheel.

Porsche Taycan Brochure
  • From the outside, it is a mere formality to quickly identify a Porsche as such. And in the interior, you can also sense distinctive Porsche genes in the new Taycan. The basic features of the interior architecture are sporty, minimalist and clear; the wing extending from the centre console immediately catches your eye and appears to be floating. The innovative cockpit displays are clearly driver-oriented, allowing you to keep an eye on the most important information, even during dynamic driving.
  • The seat position in the Taycan is derived from the 911. Optionally available in 141) and 18 way2) con - figurations, for maximum adjustability and comfort. Recesses in the design of the battery integrated into the underbody also ensure an adequate level of comfort for rear passengers.
  • Behind the wheel, you feel that the Taycan has been tailor-made for you. While your front and rear passengers enjoy an equally comfortable, sporty ride on lightweight seats with solid lateral support. On request, your Taycan can also be fitted with a 4+1 seating configuration.
  • As well as the 81-litre luggage compartment at the front for smaller items, the rear boot also provides 366 litres3) of storage space that can be flexibly expanded, thanks to the individually folding rear seat backrests. In other words: the Taycan is, of course, a sophisticated electric sports car. And yet, like all its predecessors, totally suitable for everyday use.

  • Driving a Porsche is always an emotional experience. To make this feeling even more personal, you can lend your car your own individual touch when it leaves the factory, using a selection of materials. In the interior, you can choose between smooth-finish leather, naturally treated Olea club leather and a sustainable, leather-free interior in various colours. We also offer aluminium, carbon or dark paldao open-pored wood interiors. Accent packages enable selected interior details to be personalised, thereby giving your vehicle an individual signature. The carpet and other interior elements are made of sustainable Econyl yarn. This is recycled fibre that is manufactured from used fishing nets, among other things.
  • On request, the Taycan also comes with ambient lighting that illuminates the interior. You can, of course, adjust the colour and brightness to your taste.
  • If the standard multifunction sports steering wheel is not sporty enough, you can maximise the motor - sport feel with the optional multifunction GT sports steering wheel1): it features a mode switch, as well as a top centre marking.
  • The innovative Advanced Climate Control air conditioning (dual or four-zone) may not be visible, but is certainly noticeable – the logical evolution of traditional automatic climate control systems. Slat-free air outlets are electrically controlled via Porsche Communication Management (PCM) including Online Navigation, enabling precise airflow and distribution.
  • The optionally available sound systems in the Porsche Taycan are further evidence of the fact that the power of electrical energy can evoke emotions: the BOSE® Surround Sound System2) with a total output of 710 watts provides entertainment in the interior. While the Burmester® 3D High-End Surround Sound System Morgen with 1,455 watts and 21 loudspeakers including an active subwoofer ensures exquisite musical delight while driving.
  • The Porsche feeling in every seat – for all your senses, as soon as you climb in.
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  • We call the Taycan cockpit ‘Advanced’, because it has many pioneering features. It uses technology to increase its simplicity – while providing inspiration.
  • Mechanical buttons have been almost entirely replaced by digital ones. This makes the interior look extremely tidy. The same principle of tidiness also applies to the displays, of which there are up to four – intuitive, distraction-free and easy to use. As you would expect of a Porsche. Simply climb in, select the D setting and drive off. If you prefer to start your Taycan manually, the ignition switch is on the left – because here too, we are remaining true to our roots.
  • The arrangement is also driver-focused, as is typical of Porsche: the instrument cluster is the centre of attention, consisting of a 16.8-inch curved display and surrounded by control panels with Direct Touch Control for selecting lighting and chassis functions. It is angled and concave – and thus one of the first exposed curved displays to be installed in a car. This instrument cluster houses three freely configurable round instruments: recognisably Porsche, but in virtual form. Alternatively, you can choose from up to five displays: including an advanced full-HD Cockpit. map, power meter and minimised view.
  • Your central control unit for audio, navigation and communication: redesigned Porsche Communication Management (PCM) including online navigation. The PCM display on the 10.9-inch central display on the dashboard can be individually configured, allowing direct access to the most important func - tions. The navigation module features a clear inter - face – and innovative functions such as route moni - tor, which displays and summarises all the details of the route in a concise timeline, as well as scheduled charging points and any congestion.
  • Another new feature: main context notifications. Incoming notifications from connected devices or the vehicle are gathered and sorted here. As soon as the situation allows, you can retrieve a bundle of these – or simply have them read out. So you are always up to date.
  • Another digital element is located in the centre console, namely the 8.4-inch centre console control panel. This provides access to navigation, media, telephone, settings and Apple CarPlay via a menu bar which can be disabled. The rear luggage compartment and charge port doors (depending on the equipment) can also be opened and closed from here and the charging screen showing the battery charge status.
  • Depending on the specification of your Taycan, ParkAssist including Surround View and SPORT mode can also be activated and deactivated in the control bar.
  • Equally convenient is the enhanced voice control, which can be operated using native speech recog - nition in the Taycan. Voice control can be enabled by the “Hey Porsche” prompt, for example. And for the first time, you can also interact with it in a multimodal manner: simply tap the map in the central display and say “Take me there”, for example.
  • In addition, the Taycan comes with an optional 10.9-inch front passenger display, allowing access to navigation and infotainment functions, among other things. The front passenger can help with route planning or gain insight into data from the instru - ment cluster via the special Cockpit tile. For pas - sengers in the back seats, an optional 5.9-inch rear passenger touchscreen display is available. It also has a touch-sensitive surface, which can be used to operate comfort features, such as temperature, ventilation and seat heating.
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Porsche Connect
  • Porsche Connect connects you to your Taycan and your Taycan to the world – before, during and aºer your journey. The system extends the existing vehicle functions with intelligent digital services and apps, and facilitates a personalised in-car Connect experience, thanks to the new registration process – even when it is used by several drivers.
  • For the first time, you can also purchase individual functions after taking delivery of your car – depending on its configuration – via Function on Demand (FoD) in the Porsche Connect Store.
  • The basis for Porsche Connect is the LTE communi - cation module. It ensures an optimised data connection in your Taycan and to your smartphone or tablet. The new Porsche Connect Package including data allowance enables you to conveniently use all the services – including Internet radio and music streaming. In many countries, you can also purchase a data package to establish an Internet connection using your mobile devices.
  • In the Taycan, Porsche Connect has been expanded to include innovative services. Above all, Voice Pilot, which uses the keyword, “Hey Porsche”, to provide a natural, intuitive native speech recognition. Your car will respond to statements such as “I’m cold” and multimodal operation using both touch and voice commands is also possible: point to the map and say “Start navigation”, for example.
  • When on the road, Navigation Plus continually retrieves real-time traffic information, so that you can avoid traffic jams and save time. Relevant charging pedestals are synchronised for the Charging Planner1), which allows you to plan routes to more distant destinations, including charging stops, and continuously updates and optimises the route using your drive profile.
  • Charging pedestals are automatically selected and integrated into your route – and the residual energy, charging time and total travel time are displayed. This service can also be used via the Porsche Connect app. Charging pedestals and other destinations, such as restaurants or hotels, can be selected in real time via the Finder .
  • You can keep on eye on your route all the time you are driving, using the practical route monitor. This provides a clear overview of the relevant realtime traffic, charging planning and charging stop information – allowing you to fully focus on the pleasure of driving behind the wheel.
  • Porsche Communication Management (PCM) in your Taycan allows you to use Radio Plus. This ensures constant musical enjoyment by combining the Internet radio integrated in PCM and the automatic, uninterrupted switching between FM/ DAB/online radio sources.
  • In addition, it supports Apple CarPlay which is a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone in your Taycan. CarPlay lets you get directions, send and receive messages, and more on the built-in PCM or using Siri voice control — to stay fully focused on the road.
  • Another Taycan highlight introduces the seamless integration of Apple Music directly in the PCM. Simply tap on Apple Music to stream over 60 million songs ad-free and curated playlists for any driving mood. Or create your own custom station on Apple Music from any radio song. New Taycan owners receive up to 6 months free of Apple Music.
  • Using Car Control, the Porsche Connect app also gives you the option to control important vehicle status information, such as locking the doors and tyre pressure, at any time. The E-Control service also provides information about E-mobility functions, such as charging status and current range, while you can also check the speed of the charging process in real time.
  • The app will notify you of status changes. If you have installed Porsche Mobile Charger Connect and Porsche Home Energy Manager at home, you can activate intelligent charging profiles and charge your car at a reasonable price, making optimum use of solar power. Determine the temperature of your Taycan even before setting off using the Climate service, which enables you to cool or heat the vehicle interior, even if your car is not being charged. Both functions can also be pre-programmed using the timer. The Car Finder then unerringly takes you to your car.
  • And just in case, your Taycan is protected by the Porsche Vehicle Tracking System (PVTS), using an independent theft detection feature. More infor- mation about the Car Security Package is available in the Porsche Connect Store.
  • To make your future workshop visits even more efficient, we will soon be offering optional online software updates for your Taycan. So your car always has the latest software version.
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