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Tesla is back!

A Model S that looks similar to the Taycan dethroning version we seen last time on the Nurburgring was spotted on the same track.
In the coming days/weeks as more details come out the battle could brew up again if more information is revealed.

At least for now we know Tesla/Elon came through on their promise of something better.

Regardless of how well it performs, I'm still getting the Taycan.

Model S Spotting:

Tesla Model S Spied Back At The Nurburgring
Just as Tesla promised.
After Porsche set a new EV lap record at the Nurburgring with its Taycan electric vehicle, Tesla has been eager to one-up the German automaker. Days after Porsche’s announcement, modified Tesla Model S sedans were captured lapping the famous track. But Tesla’s time there was short, the company promising to return in October, which it has done. New spy photos show two modified Tesla Model S sedans at the track this month, and they look a little different, too.

The most noticeable difference is the air outlets on the front fender behind the wheels. This could help cool the brakes, help with aerodynamics, or provide another performance benefit as Tesla chases Porsche. The other difference is a massive rear diffuser tucked under the rear bumper. Again, this could help with aerodynamics and downforce. Previous modifications, such as the wide grille opening, carbon-ceramic brakes, rear spoiler, and wider fenders, remain unchanged.

There’s a good chance Tesla already, unofficially, bested Porsche’s 7:42 time around the track. Last month we reported that Tesla could be beating Porsche’s time by a full 20 seconds. However, if Tesla were to beat Porsche’s record, the German automaker may be able to set an ever faster lap time. When Porsche lapped the Nurburgring with the Taycan and set a new record, it did so with the Taycan Turbo, not the slightly more powerful – thanks to Overboost and Launch Control – Taycan Turbo S. Both produce the same 616 horsepower (460 kilowatts); however, the Turbo S can produce up to 751 hp (560 kW) in a pinch.

Tesla Model S Spied At Nurburgring

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Tesla Model S Spied At NurburgringTesla Model S Spied At NurburgringTesla Model S Spied At NurburgringTesla Model STesla Model S Spied At NurburgringTesla Model S Spied At NurburgringTesla Model S Spied At Nurburgring
For Tesla to officially beat Porsche, it will have to offer whatever modifications it made to the cars to the car-buying public, which is something Tesla CEO Elon Musk said would happen with the Plaid package. There’s a good chance Tesla will set a new lap record at the track. How long it will stand is the key question.
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