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When the Mission E concept first debuted back at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, auto journalists around the world couldn't wait to get some seat time in Porsche's first all-electric performance car. Over the past few years, there have been some changes to the design of the car as it approaches production, but the company still prides itself on making some of the most track-capable road going cars on the market.

If Porsche hopes to deliver on that premise in an electric car, it means ensuring that the battery technology and vehicle configuration are leading edge. With extremely lightweight components, an advanced thermal management system and rapid charging technology, the Taycan is well set to accomplish this feat. As with any Porsche, we expect there will be various drive modes to choose from and each will alter the dynamics of the EV differently.

There have been a select few individuals who have already had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the Taycan and determine if Porsche has found a winning formula. Rally legend Walter Röhrl and professional racer Mark Webber both came away impressed with just how Porsche the Taycan is.

Röhrl has never been all that impressed by EV's but after spending some time in a Taycan prototype he seems to have changed his tune.

“It’s crazy. In all my years of rallying, I’ve never experienced such performance. The Taycan goes so well at such speed, really tremendous.”

“I’m surprised because you barely notice the weight anymore. The engineers have done a great job on the tuning and have made excellent use of the low center of gravity. The steering and even the brakes handle superbly.”

“If I had to drive it blindfolded, I would still know immediately that I was sitting in a Porsche. The weight and the feel of the steering – and yes even the brakes, which are far more difficult to get right because of the combination of recuperation and conventional brakes – they’re all right on the money. And that’s what a Porsche should be all about.”

Mark Webber knew before getting inside the car that it was going to deliver everything one expects from Porsche. After taking it around the test track in Weissach he had several things to say about the experience.

"This is going to be a game changer. As expected it's very much a gorgeous piece of machinery. They've done an incredible job. It reminded me at times a lot of the 919 as we often drive that car on e-mode alone. Stealth in motion, stealth performance."

"600 hp is something to behold. With the driving experience and how dynamic the car was, you don't really feel how heavy these cars are. In general, the steering and performance braking agility was a nice surprise. Thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to driving it a lot more in the future."

Not only is this important step for the Porsche, but for the entire EV market. Nothing quite stirs innovation like competition.

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I never had any doubts that Porsche translate their ICE expertise to an electric car, but its great to be reading such positive impressions from professionals in the racing industry. There is probably still some fine tuning to be done prior to the production model, so things will only get more refined.
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