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Ahead of its debut later this month, Aston Martin revealed what the starting price and the interior will look like in the DBX, their first ever SUV. At $189,000 it's definitely not a bargain, but with any Aston Martin there's a lot of car that comes with it.

I've been fascinated with Aston Martin getting into the SUV market and based on the photo they nailed the interior. Still not sure about the exterior though.

That is a lot of money for a crossover, though it appears like it could be money well spent. The interior looks gorgeous and draped in high-quality materials, as you’d expect from the luxury automaker. While we do get to see a lot of the interior for the first time, we don’t have a ton of new information outside of some flowery PR prose.

Aston says it spent six months alone refining the driver’s position within the vehicle to ensure the best visibility inside and out. That level of thoughtfulness was used in other parts of the interior – though maybe it didn’t take six months. Laying out the interior buttons required “external counsel, including the brand’s Female Advisory Board, and multiple customer clinics with HNWIs [high-net-woth individuals] of mixed demographic."

In the press release, Aston calls attention to the DBX’s bridged center console, something not shown in the lone interior photo. According to the company, it’s “an elegant, floating aesthetic that offers storage space below for larger items.” Think handbag or 1.5-liter water bottles.

For rear-seat passengers, Aston went to those who spend a lot of time in backseats – kids. In a “new exercise” for the automaker, Aston invited a group of children to test rear-seat ergonomics. Aston doesn’t say how this influenced the interior design; however, it did say it did consider the needs of children.

Thankfully, we should get the full rundown of specs, features, and options on November 20 when Aston reveals the DBX in Beijing. Until then, enjoy the lush interior pic. Or, go gander at this undisguised pink DBX.

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