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Phone Holder. I was looking for a solution to mount my cellphone in Taycan but didn’t want to use ProClip. I used 3 different parts to make this Phone Mount and works well. I have attached it here. Works well and I don’t have to look down when I drive. I just wanted to share with you guys. 👍🏼

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Looks like you have defaced your Taycan! I’d never do that to mine.
It’s not permanent. It comes off. Very useful and I don’t have to look down. Do you put your phone in the drink holder or your pocket? I’m just showing different options out there. 👍🏼
I think your solution looks great. I don't mean to demean it in any way, but I just don't understand why you would need it on display. I have the wireless charging in the console and don't use it. I keep my phone in my pocket and use CarPlay. I'm really asking because I can't figure out why it is necessary. I'm an attorney who drives 100 miles a day going to and from the courthouse, but I just text and call through CarPlay.
CarPlay is great but not as fast or effective as using your phone for Google Maps or Apple Maps.
Lets say you use CarPlay and set your destination to Courthouse in "New Jersey". But along the way, you have to pick up something from BestBuy. You are currently in "New York" so if you add a destination to Carplay, it will search Bestbuy near New York. You actually want to goto BestBuy in New Jersey. So, you have to cancel your current destination and search for BestBuy in New Jersey. (example)

With my phone attached up there, I can search BestBuy using both Apple Maps and Google Maps and use it independently...maybe I want to stop by Starbucks before BestBuy.... using many navigation all at once. so many reasons.

I'm sure you know why your iPhone / Android is superior to any carplay...
Well now it makes sense. I'm so predictable I get in the car and CarPlay says Work and I hit OK. When I leave work it says Home and I hit OK. Thanks for explaining.
what you’re doing is what people should do. I was just showing people options because I have a YouTube channel and I create content. Everyone has different needs so that’s why I posted it. I use my phone very often but in a safe manner.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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