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  1. Porsche Taycan Dealers, Prices And Orders
    Allstate is expected to offer a second round of discounts to help customers out with the pandemic. The rebates will be tailored to reflect the incidences of reduced driving in specific geographies, CEO Tom Wilson said. Wilson told Reuters, noting that people are driving more than in mid-April...
  2. Porsche Taycan General Discussion Forum
    The New York Times has put together a great list of all the new driving rules and restrictions for each of the the 48 contiguous states as a result of the Coronavirus. Here's the full list: Alabama Driving restrictions: Statewide stay-at-home order except for essential activities. Arizona...
  3. 2020+ Porsche Taycan News
    Porsche has given their entire workforce a substantial bonus for a successful 2019. The bonus is made up fo 2 parts: €9,000 ($9,778) for their commitment, alongside €700 ($761) as special contribution to the internal or individual pension scheme. They're also encouraging their employees to...
  4. Porsche Taycan General Discussion Forum
    Porsche announced their plan to support customers and dealers during the Coronavirus outbreak and one of those things will be payment deferrals and lease extensions. For payment deferrals, Porsche Financial Services will "on a case-by-case basis, consider payment deferrals on lease contracts...
  5. Porsche Taycan Dealers, Prices And Orders
    I'm curious, has anyone with a pending Taycan order considered cancelling it given all the news and uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus? Or are you going through with it no matter what? Personally I'm glad I haven't placed mine yet so I can wait things out and see what happens with the virus.
  6. Porsche Taycan General Discussion Forum
    VW Group has announced that they're suspending production across Europe due to the spread of Coronavirus. As a result we should expect Porsche to follow shortly. From CNN: Volkswagen is preparing to suspend production across Europe as the continent struggles to contain the coronavirus...
1-6 of 6 Results