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  1. Porsche Taycan LA Stories Ad Campaign

    Porsche Taycan EV Videos
    Porsche has released the first video for a new campaign that seems to highlight individuals that have purchased the Taycan. The first one focuses on Raquel Tavares, founder of Fourth & Heart. A health-conscious, food loving yogi and founder of Fourth & Heart, Raquel Tavares started the brand...
  2. Tesla owners are showing interest in the Taycan

    Porsche Taycan EV General Discussion Forum
    According to Klaus Zellmer, president and CEO of Porsche Cars North America, the Taycan is drawing a lot of attention from Tesla owners, which is a pleasant surprise. Talking to CNBC during the LA Auto Show, Zellmer stated that out of “thousands” of potential US customers who have shown a...
  3. Porsche Panamera Electric

    Porsche Taycan EV General Discussion Forum
    That seems likely, my guess is that it follows the same trim pattern as the regular Taycan
  4. Porsche Taycan Crash Test Video

    Porsche Taycan EV Videos
    Here's the footage of the Taycan going through the Euro NCAP crash and safety testing.
  5. Porsche Taycan Gets 5-Star Euro NCAP Safety Rating

    2020+ Porsche Taycan News
    The Porsche Taycan has received a 5-Star safety rating from Euro NCAP. Here is how it scored in the main 4 categories in NCAP testing: Adult Occupant - 85% Child Occupant - 83% Vulnerable Road Users - 70% Safety Assist - 73% For comparison here's how the Tesla Model 3 scored: Adult...
  6. Doug DeMuro reviews the Porsche Taycan

    2020+ Porsche Taycan Reviews
    Doug DeMuro finally got his hands on a Taycan Turbo S to review and like his other videos he does a thorough job going through all the aspects of the car. I really like the way he went through all the screens in the Taycan and discussed the issues with the haptic feedback. It's also really...
  7. Porsche confirms US Taycan deliveries start in December

    Porsche Taycan Dealers, Prices And Orders
    Porsche has confirmed that US deliveries for the Taycan will start this month. They put in their announcement for their November sales. ATLANTA, Dec. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA), importer and distributor of the Porsche 911, 718 Boxster and Cayman, Macan...
  8. Porsche Panamera Electric

    Porsche Taycan EV General Discussion Forum
    I don't know if Porsche will bother making a fully electric version of the Panamera since they now have the Taycan. But there's a company in Austria that converts Panamera's into fully electric vehicles. Kreisel Electric gives Panamera the full electric treatment. It comes with all-electric...
  9. Porsche Cayenne Electric

    Porsche Macan Electric
    Have there been any updates on whether or not Porsche is going to actually develop an electric version of the Cayenne? I know back in March there was a bunch of speculation after Auto Express reported that Porsche was considering it. Bosses are now discussing whether the larger Cayenne could...
  10. Porsche Kids Electric Car

    Off Topic Discussion
    I wish I had these little electric cars when I was a kid. I'd never want to get out hahaha.
  11. Porsche 911 Electric Conversion Kits

    Off Topic Discussion
    For anyone on this forum that has a 911(s) in their garage, would you ever consider converting it to be fully electric? I stumbled across some websites and videos about electric conversion kits and it got me wondering. https://www.evwest.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=224
  12. Electric Porsche 911

    Porsche Taycan EV Videos
    The perfect blending of modern technology and classic styling. This dual motor 1979 Porsche 911 SC Targa is incredible and is still properly quick. The 0-60 time is 1 second faster than the original and it gets you about 200 miles of range. Though it is weird seeing a 911 with a rear trunk haha.
  13. Tesla Cybertruck Photos

    Off Topic Discussion
    Someone actually spotted the Cybertruck driving on a public road and man does it stick out.
  14. Tesla Model S "Plaid" might have broken the Porsche Taycan's Nurburgring time

    Porsche Taycan EV General Discussion Forum
    One thing that would make the Porsche/Tesla rivalry interesting is if Tesla sent the Cybertruck around the Nurburgring. Assuming they fix the windows of course...
  15. Porsche Taycan vs. Tesla Model S & Cybertruck

    Porsche Taycan Versus the Competition
    If you wanted to know how the Taycan compares to the new Tesla Cybertruck and Model S, then this graphic is a solid start.
  16. Porsche Wants a Fully-Electric Hypercar

    2020+ Porsche Taycan News
    The green accents are a bit too much but overall the profile for this is really sleek.
  17. Porsche Taycan Carbon SportDesign package

    Porsche Taycan EV Pictures
    Here are the photos that Porsche released for the Carbon SportDesign package for the Taycan Turbo and Turbo S.
  18. Porsche Taycan With Carbon Fiber Trim

    Porsche Taycan EV General Discussion Forum
    Porsche has unveiled a new Carbon SportDesign package for the Taycan Turbo and Turbo S. The package comes with carbon fiber to the front fascia, side skirts, and a special rear diffuser that is finished in carbon fiber. It also comes with 21-inch Taycan Exclusive Design wheels with carbon...
  19. Porsche Super Bowl Ad Coming

    Porsche Taycan EV General Discussion Forum
    Now is as good of a time as any for Porsche to make their first Super Bowl ad. I can't wait to see what they come up with!
  20. Porsche’s Next Rally Car Could Be Based On The Taycan

    Porsche Taycan EV General Discussion Forum
    This would be a bold statement for Porsche to get into rallying with the Taycan. Hopefully someone at Porsche sees this rendering.
1-20 of 211 Results